A&A Biotechnology

A&A Biotechnology

A&A Biotechnology is a Polish biotech company that develops and produces innovative tools for the life science industry. It was founded in 1993 by its current CEO Adam Burkiewicz, PhD. The company has its own research laboratories and production facilities.

A&A Biotechnology offer includes DNA and RNA isolation kits, PCR and reverse transcription reagents, cloning and transformation reagents, molecular biology reagents and services. The company also have facilities able to produce high volume of molecular biology - grade enzymes.

A&A Biotechnology products and services are mainly used by scientific and diagnostic laboratories at universities, research institutes, veterinary laboratories, health services, laboratories for environmental analyzes, forensic laboratories and other life science companies.

In addition, as a specialist life science company with its own R&D and production department, we are able to tailor our products and solutions to meet client's individual needs.

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