Hall Effect

HCS 1/ 10/ 100 – Hall Effect Measurement System

HCS 1/ 10/ 100 – Hall Effect Measurement System

The HCS System permits the characterization of semiconductor devices, it measures: mobility, resistivity, charge carrier concentration and Hall coefficient
HMS 3000  Hall Effect

HMS 3000 Hall Effect

Hall Effect Measurement System is very useful for measuring Carrier Concentration, Mobility, Resistivity and Hall Coefficient that should be pre-checked in order to grasp the electrical specifications of semiconductor device. Ther...
HMS 5000  Hall Effect

HMS 5000 Hall Effect

Sample Structure 3D of Measurement Sample S/W Operation Environment Windows98/ME/2000/NT/XP/VISTA/Win7 Data Index: Bulk, Sheet Carrier Concentration, N/P type determination, Resistivity, Carrier mobility, Hall Coefficient, Magnet...
HMS 7000  Hall Effect

HMS 7000 Hall Effect

Photonic hall effect measurement is to read various electrical properties by illuminating light of “various range of wavelength” on the sample, in addition to flowing current and applying magnet field strength. It is great to ...
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