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Genscript SurePAGE Gels: Enjoy 10% Off!

08 September 2023
Unveil the power of high-performance polyacrylamide gels meticulously designed for the precise separation of a wide spectrum of protein sizes through electrophoresis. What sets them apart? Let's explore:
  • Neutral pH Casting: Minimize polyacrylamide hydrolysis and boost gel stability with our gels cast in a neutral pH buffer.
  • Protein Integrity: Experience minimal protein modification when compared to Tris-glycine gels, thanks to our neutral pH running conditions.

But that's not all! Gaia Science brings you an exclusive offer:

Get a fantastic 10% discount when you purchase more than 10 packs (100 gels) of GenScript's SurePAGE Precast Gel.

Act fast! This promotion is valid until December 2023, or while stocks last. Elevate your protein research with precision and savings today! 

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