Bioprinting Strategies for Vascularized Bone Tissue EngineeringDate : 22 May 2023

Bioprinting Strategies for Vascularized Bone Tissue Engineering

Despite progress in surgery and in the standard reconstruction strategies, the management of large bone defects, due to trauma, infection, tumor or genetic disorders, remains a clinical challenge and represents a major public health concern. To solve issues associated with current therapies and produce bone constructs that mimic structure and function of native bone, tissue engineering strategies have been introduced as promising alternatives. Nevertheless, one of the main limitations of engineered bone substitutes remains their lack of vascularization leading to poor integration and high risk of necrosis. In order to overcome these limitations and to meet the need for accurate reproduction of a complex 3D tissue architecture and cell microenvironment, biofabrication has emerged in the field of tissue engineering.

In this webinar, Dr. Kérourédan will present her research work involving bioprinting technologies to promote the regeneration of vascularized bone tissue.

This presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Relationships between bone & vascularization
  • Prevascularization strategies used in bone tissue engineering
  • Relevance of bioprinting methods to generate microvascular networks with defined architecture in coculture models



  • Date: 22nd May 2023
  • Time: 3 PM SGT
  • Venue/Platform: Online
  • Speaker: Dr. Olivia Kérourédan

    Olivia Kérourédan holds a Doctorate in Dental Medicine (Univ. Rennes, 2011), a Master in Biology (Univ. Paris, 2015), and a PhD in Cell Biology and Pathophysiology (Univ. Bordeaux, 2019). She is an Associate Professor in the University School of Dentistry in Bordeaux and also the head of the “Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics” Department. She is currently a member of BioTis laboratory (Bioengineering of Tissues, UMR 1026, directed by Dr Nicolas L’Heureux). During her previous research work, she developed several coculture models organized by Laser-Assisted Bioprinting (LAB) to study and improve the vascularization process during bone regeneration. During her PhD, she also performed in vivo experiments consisting of in situ prevascularization using LAB for bone regeneration. She conducted several research projects as project leader in the field of vascularized bone regeneration and bioprinting (supported by Fondation de l’Avenir, Fondation des Gueules Cassées, Institut Français pour la Recherche Odontologique, Fondation ARC Recherche sur le Cancer, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science). Her activities resulted in the publication of 19 international papers, 2 international book chapters, 10 awards and 15 oral communications during international congresses. 

    In 2021 and 2023, she was invited by the French Embassy in Japan to present her research work during the “French Japanese Workshop on Additive Manufacturing” and to chair the session dedicated to Bioprinting. She is currently completing a 1-year research mobility in Japan, within the “Institute for Life and Medical Sciences” of Kyoto University (Host researcher: Pr. Yasuhiko Tabata, Lab. of Biomaterials).