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Save Cost, Save Environment! Asynt Earth Day Promotion

04 May 2022

Asynt Earth Day Promotion

Limited Time Offer: 18th April 2022 – 20th May 2022

[[ Standard CondenSyn ]]
[[ CondenSyn Waterless Air Condenser ]]
[[ CondenSyn MINI Waterless Air Condenser ]]

CondenSyn air condensers are simple and safe to use – with no risk of flooding! Robust – Easy to clean – High performance – Single or parallel use – Environmentally friendly; with savings to be made both to the environment and to your budget find out more to see why so many laboratories worldwide have made the switch to go water-free with CondenSyn air condensers.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple operation
  • Water-free
  • Can be dried in an oven or with a heat gun
  • Can be used under vacuum / inert conditions
  • Suitable for reflux & distillation
  • Short pay-back time
  • Eliminates flood risks