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Organomation Promotion Sales!

27 February 2023
Organomation:Your trusted sample preparation partner for chromatography!

You can choose from a wide range of models for different applications:
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[[ Water Bath Version ]]
Capable of holding tubes of various diameters simultaneously
  • Small Footprint: N-EVAP Model 111 requires under one square foot of bench space
  • Flexible: An adjustable sample holder design fits a wide variety of sample tubes and vials at once
  • Customizable: Options are available for use with acidic or flammable solvents, heat- or water-sensitive samples, and more
  • Individualized Control: Optimize evaporation of diverse samples with individual gas flow control at each vial

[[ Dry Block Version ]]
Recommended for small vials and microplates
  • Compact Design: The MICROVAP has the smallest footprint of all of Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators
  • Ease of Use: Temperature and gas levels are easily set using the digital temperature controller and gas flow meter
  • Optimal Heat Transfer: Expertly machined heat block provides efficient heat transfer to sample tubes
  • Versatility: Easily concentrate 96 well microplates using a conversion kit