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Life Science

Biocontainment Centrifuges
  • Microlitre centrifuges are mainly used in molecular biology, microbiology and genetic research.
  • In fact, anywhere where high speeds are necessary to separate small-volume mixtures.
  • Angle rotors for reaction tubes of up to a max. of 2 ml are standard equipment for this centrifuges.
  • They generate centrifugal acceleration rates of over 30,000 x g. Depending on the size of the rotors, between 12 and 48 reaction tubes per run can be centrifuged.
  • For PCR tubes or PCR strips, suitable adapters and special rotors are available. Rotors whose lids are equipped with a bio-containment feature ensure maximum safety from dangerous aerosols.

  • Benchtop centrifuges are the universal geniuses among laboratory centrifuges. These robust, durable machines can accommodate close to any type or size of centrifugation tube, and can generate the required centrifugal force.
  • They vary in capacity and performance levels and can address a wide range of requirements. Centrifuges with a maximum volume of 4 x 100 ml are considered basic equipment for most laboratories.
  • If however, special scientific challenges need to be met, as in genetics, virology or bacteriology, larger models with more advanced controls are required.
  • Floorstanding centrifuges are large-volume devices that are used to process large quantities of samples and larger sample tubes in high-throughput environments.
  • They are ideal for use in clinical laboratories, in blood banks and laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry for high-throughput screening.
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